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Beaded Hair Extensions 

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be. is an online source for affordable  beaded hair extension courses.

Our goal is to make hair extension education available to everyone.

We  have created hair extension courses for not only hair stylist looking to increase their income but, those looking to learn a new skill.  

Our courses will show you the basics for many beaded hair extension application techniques.


If you have any questions about the courses before downloading contact us. We are happy to answer questions. 


Beaded Weft Application

There are many names for the technique. 


I used aluminum beads with silicon in the middle. The lining is important to protect the hair and prevent the beads from slipping.


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Move Up Weft Extension 

Move-up appointments are done 4-6 weeks after a new bead install. 


The move-up service uses the existing beads. 


Opening the bead smoothing the hair closing the bead is a short appointment. 

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