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Hair Salon

Hair Care 

Brushing & Sleeping

Extension hair should be gently untangled. Section the hair, start at the ends and work your way up. 

Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase is great for your natural hair and extensions hair. 

The best way to keep hair from tangling while sleeping is to put in a low pony tail or a braid. 

Coloring Hair Extensions

Extension hair has already been processed for that reason coloring or lightening the hair is not recommend. Consult with a professional stylist about changing the color of the extensions hair. 

Shampooing & Conditioning 

Always use salon professional products. 

Apply shampoo, add water and work shampoo down hair shaft. Use fingers in between the rows of the extensions and gently shampoo the scalp. 

Conditioner should be used every time the hair is washed. Just like natural hair conditioner is only needed from the mid shifts to the ends. 

Using a deep conditioning treatment weekly is a great idea! 

I like to wash and condition my hair twice a week.

Well Water & Softening Systems 

Well water & softening systems may change the color of the extensions. 

Microfiber Towels 

Microfiber towels are friction free and will improve the look of your hair by smoothing the cuticles down. 

Blow Drying & Styling  

Use a heat protectant and medium to low temperature always.


Letting hair air dry to 50%-70% can reduce blow drying time. Section hair, use a round or paddle brush while drying. Make sure the air is going with the direction of the hair to ensure the cuticle stays smooth. 

Limited time using styling tools is suggested. 

Products to Avoid

Products Containing: Moroccan/Argan Oil, Alcohol, and sulfates & paragons

Products should always be provided by a licensed cosmetologist. 


It's a good idea to get hair wet and apply conditioner before swimming in a pool or body of water. Soon as you are done swimming wash and condition hair. 

A swimming cap would be beneficial if swimming often. 

Spa & Sauna 

It will be temping to use a conditioning mask. This isn't a good idea. Simply brush hair put in a braid and wrap with a cool microfiber towel. 

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