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 Bead Extensions

 my favorite extensions. 


Bead hair extensions are also known as micro link, micro bead hair extensions I like to call them simply Bead extensions I don't believe they need a fancy name.

The weft is cut and applied in rows about an inch to inch and a half from the hairline. This placement allows you to be able to wear your hair up without being able to see the extensions. 

Placement can be very personalized. There are many reasons to wear hair extensions. Thickness, length, breakage correction, and adding color. 

Washing your hair with extensions is very similar as washing without. Placing fingering in between the wefts its easy to shampoo. I recommend only using conditioner on the mid-shaft and ends. ( that's really with and without extensions ) I find that with extensions you don't have to wash your hair as often since the extension hair takes in some of the natural hair oils. 

Styling your hair may take a little longer at first. Once you get used to your new locks it shouldn't take as long. I recommend clipping the hair off in sections about 5 and using a round brush. Using a round brush will smooth the cuticle of the hair in the same direction. This helps the hair stay and look smooth longer. 

After about 3-4 weeks the extensions will be away from the scalp this is from hair growth and tension put on the extensions. There are two different kinds of tightening services. I would say the most popular is a tightening this done around 6-8 weeks after application. I have had some clients go longer everyone is different, The other option is coming in sooner around 3-4 weeks no longer than 5 weeks for a move up service. The move up service take about 45 min sometimes less and uses the same beads. They are opened and the hair is smoothed carefully and the bead is closed. I only recommend doing one move up service in-between tightenings to prevent dreading. 

The extensions hair its self can last 3-6 months depending on the brand and styling routine. 

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