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How are the extensions attached? 

Basic Bead Extensions use a small aluminum bead with silicon in the middle to attach the hair. The beads come in different colors to match the hair. There is no glue or sewing used in this method. 

Can clip-in hair be used? 

Clip-in extensions can be made with quality but the hair isn't usually meant to be worn every day and washed as often as you wash your hair. I have made custom clip ins with weft hair after wearing it as extensions. 

Can I wear my hair up with extensions? 

Yes, I would recommend waiting 4-7 days before wearing a high pony tail. Putting hair in a low pony tail or braids is recommend for sleeping on day one. The extensions are put in away from the hairline to allow the hair to be worn up without seeing them. 



When & where is the course? 

Courses can take place at any time. I will travel up to 4hrs from Indianapolis. The online courses will be sent in a downloadable file once paid. We can set up a time for live video chat. 

Will I be certified after the course? 

Once you have gone through the course you will have all the knowledge and skills to apply extensions to your clients. The only certification you need is your cosmetology license. 

What hair do you recommend? 

I use Bohyme hair and recommend it. I have used it for years and haven't had any issues.

How much should I charge my clients to apply and move up the extensions? 

Pricing depends on the salon you are in and the clientele you have. I can always help you research and come up with an ideal price for your location. 

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